Watering the Way

Psalm 126

6    Those who sowed with tears
will reap with songs of joy.

7    Those who go out weeping, carrying the seed,
will come again with joy, shouldering their sheaves.



When you mourn from lack of love and justice, let the tears flow.

When you cry out to God at your lowest and most abandoned, let the tears flow.

And when your grief and pain are beyond expression, let the groanings of the Spirit weep for you.

When you’re frustrated because people cannot understand why “All Lives Matter” isn’t enough, let the tears flow.

When you don’t know how to explain oppression to oppressors when they refuse to acknowledge its existence, let the tears flow.

When you sit at another family gathering where someone you love and admire demonizes a people group, let the tears flow.

When you march for the lives and voices of women, black and brown brothers and sisters, our LGBTQ+ family, refugees, Muslims, and all the company of the oppressed who are also the company of God, let the tears flow.

When you walk the path of justice, mercy, and humility, let the tears flow.

Because there might only be mustard seeds on that path, but they will grow into mighty, intrusive bushes which house the previously unwelcome, and they will be watered by our nourishing tears.

When we allow ourselves to open up to the plight of those the world deems “less than,” when we allow ourselves to hear the pain of their stories, when we allow our hearts to be broken by the injustices they have faced, when we move out of the way and let them share their stories of trials and trepidation to those that would silence them, then all of our tears will be ripe with the nourishment it takes to get those seeds out of the fertile, expectant ground.

The seeds are sowed, the harvest will plentiful when it comes, so let the tears fall and do their work.

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