Weekly Themes

Hello, friends!

Starting this week, I will be posting more regularly on the blog, and with themes for certain days:

Mental Health Monday – in which I give an update about my mental health and offer tips and anecdotes for those with similar struggles

Throwback Tuesday – in which I share a past post to showcase more of my journey and common themes explored on this blog

Theological Thursday – in which I share theological questions, thoughts, and reflections

Fangirl Friday – in which I continue my Fangirl Theology series and geek out over my latest fangirl crazes

I hope you’ll continue to check in throughout the week and share the posts with anyone you think would be interested in your topics. Also, if you want to see anything specific covered within the range of these themes, please let me know in the comments section on the blog or here! I appreciate all of your support and want your voices to be heard!


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