Is there anyone out there, in this sea of faith, who has more questions than answers?

Is there anyone out there being pulled endlessly by the current of doubt?

Is there anyone out there who is sick of pat answers as life rafts, or the pressure from others to provide them?

Is there anyone out there who despairs the absence of the “I don’t know,” hoping that those will be what someone throws to help you stay afloat?

Is there anyone out there who seems to edge a little closer to shore, only to be yanked out in another riptide, maybe due to culture wars, good questions, an ounce of logic, or the pain seen everyday?

Isn’t someone out there feeling this way? Am I the only one, in religious education or otherwise, who experienced a faith crisis and lost everything I once held dear? Why do I feel so lost in this sea of uncertainty? Why do I feel like the only one asking certain questions, challenging certain assumptions, and being infuriated by certain ideologies, methods, and theologies?

Consider this an SOS. If you’re out there, know that you’re not alone. If you’re out there, please, let me know I’m not alone. Let me know I’m not in the surging waves and the roaring winds by myself, with only God to both hold me afloat and push me around.

Please. If you’re out there, please say so. And if you’re able, please throw me a life preserver, because these waters are rough.

2 thoughts on “S.O.S.

  1. You definitely are NOT alone!! Regardless of where we are in life, we’re all going through something or another. As I write, I have a sick child with a fever, a teething baby, as well as working on being a good wife, which I don’t always succeed in. Honey, you’re most definitely not alone! Praying for you 🙂

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