10 Things BC Theater and RISE Faith Community Have in Common

1. Both groups have exciting, hilarious, charismatic, wise and, with all do respect, somewhat unconventional leaders.

2. Both groups are into very good books for reading. Although I still haven’t forgiven Scott Cole for making me read Blasted.

3. Both groups “perform” at theaters.

4. The quirkier you are, the better.

5. Good skills in improvisation are a must, and if you didn’t have them before, you learn to acquire them out of necessity.

6. Both do a lot of awesome things with not an abundance of resources.

7. When you tell people you’re involved with one (or both) of these groups, they look at you quizically and wonder to themselves (or aloud), “Why on Earth would you give so much of your life to this?”

8. There are lots of group activities involved, or as we liked to call them in BC Theater, Forced Family Fun.

9. Very traditional people are quite skeptical of our rather non-traditional ways.

10. Both groups are all about sharing and giving worth to peoples’ stories. 

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