Dear Bruno Mars…


Dear Bruno Mars,

I keep hearing your song “When I Was Your Man” on the radio in my car and when I’m at work folding towels or ringing up customers at Bed Bath and Beyond. And after hearing it twice in one day and looking up the rest of the lyrics online today, I have a few pointers for you.

Yes, buying your girl flowers, holding her hand, and taking her to parties to dance are all fun and good, and those are great ways to show a girl you appreciate her.

But in my humble opinion. instead of buying her flowers, you could have bought her favorite dinner home for her when she had a long day at work and didn’t feel like making anything else.

Or instead of taking her to all the dance parties, you could have sat with her on the couch when she just felt like being with you or wanted to watch movies all night, or some other low-key event like that.

Or honestly, maybe she just wanted a little bit of help with the housework. Or she wanted you to be cool visiting her family, and yours. That goes a VERY long way, my friend.

Granted, your song does say some pretty awesome things. You should give people time when you can, and hold her hand, and realize your own selfish ways and make amends (as we all should). And romance is great for relationships.

But maybe, just maybe, she needed you in the more mundane, everyday things. You know, the days when you’re ready to party and the days you wanna crash, the days you’re over the moon and the days you’re struggling to get out of bed, the days you’re crazy in love and the days you’re wondering how y’all even liked each other. On those days, it takes more than flowers. It takes real, deep, nitty-gritty, working-through-every-day love.

Just some food for thought.

Much love, and better luck next time,


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