It’s been a long, cold winter…

But Spring is finally back.

The Sun is shining.

The Breeze is cool.

The Grass is soft and green.

And like the buds and blossoms,

I am opening into new life.

It’s like my soul and heart are lighter than they have been in such a long time.

There is hope and joy and love all around me.

And it’s like it’s always been there,

But I’ve finally opened my eyes to it all.

Maybe it’s the sun and springtime. Maybe it’s the visit from a dear friend. Maybe it’s some new medicine. Maybe it’s the good book I’m reading. Maybe it’s the amazing set list that was performed at worship on Sunday. Maybe it’s this beautiful post I read today ( Maybe it’s meeting my friend’s sweet baby boy. Maybe it’s watching my boyfriend befriend the wild little boy at kid’s church. Maybe it’s the beautiful chaos that was mentoring on Friday. Maybe it’s all of these and more.

But whatever it is, it’s shining light in the darkness, and it is dazzling and delightful and so, so holy.

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